Lotao  Organic Glam Wedding Pink Rice

Lotao Organic Glam Wedding Pink Rice

Posted by Gourmet Cravings Staff on Sep 26th 2017

The new "Glam Wedding Pink" from Lotao is suitable not only for the preparation of tempting dishes ...

The rice specialty "Glam Wedding Pink" leads back to an ancient Indian legend, which tells of the love of a Maharaja-son to a peasant girl. It is reminiscent of a colorful Bollywood wedding and is meant to associate happiness, love and joie de vivre.

Glam Wedding Pink makes every dish a feast. With its light, light structure, it transforms fish and meat dishes into glamorous food or a tasty meal for lovers.

Love declaration in the pink rice bed.

Rice is associated with love and fertility in many cultures - so the Asian tradition of toasting on the wedding day has also established itself in many cultures. For Valentine's Day, the pink wedding ceremony is also an excellent gift.