Mestemacher's Two Organic Bread Intros

Mestemacher's Two Organic Bread Intros

Posted by Gourmet Cravings on Mar 31st 2017

Mestemacher, famed German baker, debuts great taste and outstanding nutrition in a duo of new organic breads.

Mestemacher Organic Amaranth and Quinoa Bread has a delectable – delicate and nutty flavor – a taste sensation. With its rich dietary fiber, it pairs good health with great eating. Amaranth, similar to millet, is one of the oldest grains known to man – cultivated for 8,000 years. Quinoa with its hazelnut-like flavor, is a complete protein providing all essential amino acids. These two superior grains offer unparalleled bread.

Mestemacher Organic Flax Seed and Chia Bread is the other latest addition to its line of exceptional organic breads. This wholemeal rye bread with golden flaxseeds and chia seed is a cholesterol, wheat and preservative free option for bread lovers everywhere.The Chia Power Bread with golden linseed is loaded with dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids – excitement and well being unite.

Both packaged, sliced loaves (12.3 oz.) are made from the most wholesome, organically farmed ingredients and no GMO. An appealing photo of a serving suggestion is beautifully pictured on each colorful package.

The year long shelf-life is achieved by a natural process in which the breads are pasteurized at a very high temperature without the use of preservatives.