Cravings call for exotic tastes! Let your taste buds experience new things like one of our Niederegger marzipan specialties.  Marzipan is a dreamlike almond concoction which absolutely must be experienced.  The folks at Niederegger in Luebeck, Germany have been producing beautiful and delicious marzipan masterpieces for over 200 years.

Marzipan is just one of many treats we will be offering to fulfill your cravings.  There's hand-made dragées, (a small candy, usually coated with a thin layer of sugar, or chocolate), wafers which melt in your mouth, shortbread made with Famous Grouse whiskey, Feodora natural chocolates made with Bourbon vanilla, liquor-filled chocolates and so much more.  Keep visiting, as we will be updating the assortment continuously.


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