Mestemacher Organic Bread - 4 Pack

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49.20 Ounces
Mestemacher Organic Bread - 4 Pack


Mestemacher Organic Amaranth & Quinoa Bread has a delicate, nutty flavor and is rich on dietary fiber, to boost the feeling of well-being. Amaranth is reminiscent of millet and one of the oldest crop plants known to man.  Finely ground, amaranth is suited for baking bread and pastries.  Quinoa has a hazelnut-like flavor and, like amaranth, is a good ingredient for breads and bread rolls.  The native inhabitants of South America already appreciated the flavor and nutritional properties of amaranth and quinoa.

Mestemacher Organic wholemeal rye bread with golden flaxseeds and chia seeds is cholesterol free, wheat free and free of preservatives.  Mestemacher Chia Power Bread with golden linseed is rich in dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Made with organically farmed ingredients and GMO free.