Mestemacher Power Trio

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29.90 Ounces
Mestemacher Power Trio

This certainly is quite a powerful trio!

Mestemacher Protein Bread is a quick and portable way to ingest protein, far faster and easier during a busy work day than traditional ways to get proteins like eating fish, meat, dairy or beans which do not tend to be grab and go meals for the most part. 

Mestemacher Power bread is a  hearty bread made from whole grain oat flakes, plant fibers and select vegetable oil seeds will help to give this loaf of bread both a variety of flavors from the seeds, as well as a dense and hearty texture. Mestemacher Power Bread is a lactose-free, yeast free bread rich in whole grains and beneficial seeds. Power bread provides 5 grams of protein per slice while supporting an individual's choice to follow a vegetarian eating pattern.

The muesli mixture in the Mestemacher whole grain muesli bread consists of, sultanas, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds and oat flakes.  Try the muesli bread, and all Mestemacher breads, lightly toasted with a touch of melted butter, or some Favorit preserves.