Onno Behrends Loose Black Tea

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8.80 Ounces
Onno Behrends Loose Black Tea

Onno Behrends - Echt Ostfriesische Schwarztee-Spezialität "- this name is only allowed to be used for tea, which was mixed in East Frisia, a region in northern Germany. This particular recipe was created in East Frisia by our Tea-tasting-team.

Enjoy the traditional, balanced black tea specialty with a high percentage of Assam tea, which gives it the balanced powerful, malty taste.

By the way, the pointed bag is a genuine East Frisian tea specialty. This special packaging is only found in East Frisia. Please note that it is normal for some spilling of the tea leaves from the bag!

Did you know that in East Frisia the per capita consumption is an unbelievable 288 liters a year? This is roughly eleven percent more than the average German consumption. Thus, the East Frisians have the world's largest consumption of tea per capita. The East Frisian tea culture is unique in Germany and is a real specialty. For East Frisians the tea ceremony is a part of the daily life - tea is drunk from morning till night - no, it is celebrated!

First, pour boiling water into the teapot and rinse the pot with it. The pot should be preheated before the tea preparation. Now the tea comes loose in the pot. One teaspoon tea per cup, plus a spoon of tea for the pot; (a general rule of thumb, is one heaping teaspoon per 6 oz. of water.)
Fill the teapot with boiling water and completely cover the tea with the lid and let it rest for about three to four minutes. Using a tea sieve fill the tea directly from the pot through the sieve into the cup. A true East Frisian would put a "Kluntje" in their tea cup, which is a piece of rock-candy sugar.  Then, as the crowning conclusion, they would add a drop of cream with a small spoon. The cream must be carefully placed at the edge of the cup. This is the only way to create the beautiful "cream cloud" in the tea.
The tea is traditionally drunk without stirring. So you can first enjoy the bitter tea aroma from the cup rim, then the creamy tea flavor of the cup center and finally the sweetness of the sugared tea on the cup base.  You see how this is a true ritual!
If you are taking part in a tea weekend in East Frisia, three cups are a minimum - those who have previously refused are regarded as rude or even offensive ... When you put the spoon in the empty cup, it signals that you have drunk enough tea.

We wish you a lot of fun with your very own "Ostfriesen" tea ceremony!